Below is a free copy of Dan's seminal (not to mention controversial) work "The Murder of Mary Magdalene: Synchronicity and the Scarlet Saint", please enjoy (58.8mb).

The murder of Mary Magdalene


For those who would like to read further here is Dan's latest work "Activation Point Earth" in ebook format, please enjoy (3.5mb).

Activation Point Earth

If you would prefer a printable copy then please click here (1.5mb).


The Vault

Welcome to The Vault.

Here you can find points of reference for Dan's publications. If you have any questions about the topics discussed or would like to know how to obtain any of these materials then please feel free to message the codex using the form on the contact page.

If you'd like to learn a bit more about Dan's philosophy and theories why not check his interview on The Moore Show?

Want to dig a little deeper?

Then you can also take a gander at an earlier interview with Andrew Gough.

If you find yourself still hungry for the truth then, have a look at the two videos below.


A presentation of the findings by a Ground Penetrating Radar Scan at the Codes location on April 16th 2011. Part of an ongoing investigation into the Lincoln Cathedral Code.

Dan walks a replica of the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth, chalked on the stone floor between the opposing 'Light' and 'Dark' Rose Windows of Lincoln Cathedral.

Last but not least

Below are a list of Dan's previous publications which can be found at various sources on the Internet.


  The Lincoln DaVinci Code   The Lincoln Da Vinci Code  


    Lincoln DaVinci Code and Jesus didn't exist